Here is the Minor Arcana:
The Swords
The suit of the mind, the element air
Logic, clarity and sometimes despair
If you follow your thoughts,
they're all in your head
Or could you be thinking
of others instead?
 Ace of Swords
Quietly, deeply and utterly sure
Virgil sets out on his quest
Armed with his wits and his guile and his sword
He is certain that he'll do his best.
Two of Swords
Neither can win and neither can lose
Because they're so evenly matched
Victor and Vincent -
if no concession is made
From this stance no plan can be hatched
Three of Swords
Violet's lover left her
For a woman half her age
Violet's heart is breaking
But with time, she'll move past this stage
Four of Swords
The battle will happily carry on
While Percival
takes a rest
blessed sleep
Helps Percival do
his best
Five of Swords
For every winner
who defeats
There is a defeated, too
Alvin needs to
call it quits 
And find something else to do
Six of Swords
Travis is traveling far and deep
Leaving past woes behind
Where's he's going
he can't see
But he knows it'll 
restore his mind
Seven of Swords
Nasty things
behind the back's
What Ivy likes to do
Deception, thrills,
hot gossip rules
Does that describe 
Ivy, or you?
Eight of Swords
Levi broke his promises
Betrayed all of his friends
Levi's stuck in the prison he made
Until he makes amends
Nine of Swords
Riva's been having
Of the very
scariest kind
Accidents, traumas,
loss of friends,
Is it real,
or all in her mind?
Ten of Swords
Because the worst has happened
The worst is now behind
Bitterness, defeat -
and now new hope
But healing will 
take Vito time
​Page of Swords
Cringe and cower
Skulk and lurk,
Secretive and sly
Vaughn is working
for the King
As a yes man
and a spy
Knight of Swords
The fierce precision
of a single idea
Sir Gavin serves
with his might
Loyalty, energy, the conviction of truth -
His world is all
black and white
Queen of Swords
Queen Evelyn is ever sad
She's lived to see
it all
But throughout, 
with strength and depth
She sighs, but will not fall
King of Swords
King Harvey rides on the highest horse
Clever and vengeful and cruel
If you ever try to counter his force,
He'll slice you to shreds in a duel
The Cups
Water flows,
cups contain
Feelings grow
and are then restrained
Stay true to your heart since emotions are real
But use common sense to confirm how you feel
Ace of Cups
Everywhere that Vernon goes
Strangers become friends
Uncertainties are cause for joy
It's a happy path
he tends
Two of Cups
David comes from a happy place
Olive comes from another
When they met in the middle of their lives
They fell in love with each other
Three of Cups
Three's a party,
a good time with folks
Let's celebrate
with a cheer!
Vita, Vera and Maeve
are friends
Who hold each other most dear
Four of Cups
Affluenza is a disease of those who have too much
Evadne's been given
Every good thing
Oh the price of
the Midas touch!
Five of Cups
When the tough get going, that means they're gone
And Irving's left alone
He needs to grow up, put childishness
And do the work on his own
Six of Cups
Veronica is caught
between times
The past does
beckon strong
She feels the pull
but must 
move ahead
To linger would
be wrong
Seven of Cups
Ivan has a choice to make - It all looks good to him
What looks best is sometimes not
And what is best 
seems dim
Eight of Cups
Melville loves 
this home of his
It's trustworthy
and known
But Melville needs 
to leave this place
Because it is outgrown
Nine of Cups
When Valentine
met Octavia
The sparks how they did fly!
Let us leave them here alone
We do not need 
to spy
Ten of Cups
The Seaver Family
is complex
As every family is
There's lots of love
to smooth the way
This might be what's 
called bliss
Page of Cups
Quiet and gentle, 
selfless and kind
Kevin does his best
Helping and healing
with warm-hearted
No person will go 
Knight of Cups
All is possible,
all are believed
In Sir Clive's
world view
Enthusiastically he sets forth
With a heart that's pure - but cuckoo
Queen of Cups
Eve is a most
beloved Queen
Full of joy and light
Gracious, grounded,
a mother to all
Her smile makes
everything right
King of Cups
King Steven fixes
all that's wrong
While on his 
noble throne
So busy is he
with others' woes
That he never 
attends to his own
The Pentacles
We might like to hope small steps don't matter
And only the grand visions do
But earth-bound,
flesh - and - blood,
worldly is our lot
We have to think
practically, too
Ace of Pentacles
Yvette is off to a very good place, full of promise and fun
She'll make lots of money
She'll make lots of friends
And she'll have some great tales when she's done
Two of Pentacles
Rock or disco - 
take your pick
Laverne and Elvis
can't decide
Juggling opposites  is a stretch
But fun, and worth the ride
Three of Pentacles
Vesta and Vickie have always worked hard
And very 
The praise they receive is richly deserved
Together, their work makes them happy
Four of Pentacles
Lavinia has got it all
She's holding onto 
it tightly
Clawing, grasping, 
sharing none
Makes her life unsightly
Five of Pentacles
Sometimes, alas, we have to lose
In order to be found
Vijay, Vashti and Naviya know
This truth is so 
Six of Pentacles
What goes around
Comes around
Van and Vivien dance
What helps the other to grow rich
Will their own finance enhance
Seven of Pentacles
An honest little enterprise
Will, if tended, grow
It takes some time
and Grover waits
Knowing it may
seem slow
Eight of Pentacles
Sometimes the journey
is the goal
When mastery's involved
Saville is at the top of his game
The meaning of his life is solved
Nine of Pentacles
Few moments are as nice as this
When all around her glows
For everything Velvet
worked so hard
Makes her happy,
and it shows
Ten of Pentacles
Family, money, status and class
With all this isn't she free?
Virginia has so many good things
Why does she sit 
Page of Pentacles
Levander's reading
all the time
Studying night and day
Looking deeply at the heart of things
Is just Levander's way
Knight of Pentacles
Being quite meticulous
When dealing with 
unsure things
Relieves the worry in
Sir Trevor's heart
And hence, 
security brings
Queen of Pentacles
Never having suffered loss
Rich, secure, carefree
Velma's always 
treating guests 
with magnanimity
King of Pentacles
King Marvin is a generous man, loyal, stalwart and true
Hardworking, plodding,
a man of few words
He sure has made 
money, too!
The Branches
One's actions branch out
with fiery speed
To reap the consequences 
of every deed
What you think becomes 
what you do
So make sure that 
all of your acts become you
Ace of Branches
Beverly has got it all
An idea, some luck,
and a plan
She leaves the others far behind
Who knows where
she'll land?
Two of Branches
Staying put is not a choice
And Gervase has
to fly
This job was great but now it's not
There's something
new to try
Three of Branches
Avery can take a break
To look around 
and chill
But soon he must 
get back to work
There's so much work left still
Four of Branches
Time to celebrate
a job well done
By Jarvis and his crew
The job was tough, they all worked hard
And now this task is 
Five of Branches
Everett wants so much to win
The competition's tight
Confusion reigns if
cooperation's gone
And then he's left with a fight
Six of Branches
Vladimir is a grand success
He's rich, he's feared, he's feted
He got where he is by others' hard work
But doesn't know he's indebted
Eight of Branches
Avis is noticing
every good thing
Surrounds her 
beyond counting
If she moves very fast
with precision and care
She can fully partake of the bounty
Seven of Branches
Valerie enjoys a challenge
She's up for any battle
Sometimes it's hard
but sometimes it's fun
She's always back in the saddle
Nine of Branches
All of his life, he's had to be strong
Had to be watchful, as well
Poor Sylvester never
puts down his load
He's afraid someone 
else will go tell
Ten of Branches
No one will say no
for her
So Vanessa's doing
it all
Too much to do means nothing's done well
And slows her down
to a crawl
Page of Branches
Although young,
Yve's full of life, his every moment fun 
He's a great one to help get the project off the ground
But you need someone else to get it done
Knight of Branches
When Calvin's there, the party begins
'Til he leaves the party behind
Calvin doesn't stay in one place for too long
He's restless and free, 
not unkind
Queen of Branches
So hot she sizzles, and with a lovely smile
Practical, and yet inspired
Queen Yvonne is a friend to all
And much good will has acquired
King of Branches
All are in for an amazing show
When King Donovan's around
It's a great act, full of drama and art
But nothing too profound